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When size matters

Restingwell Spirit float tank

Restingwell has now been selling floating tanks for more than fourteen years and have had as it's primary task to design a new user-friendly floatingtank that we started to sell in 2005.

Restingwell Spirit was made mostly for the Scandinavian market but also promoted over all the world.

2005-2019 = 22 countries

Since 2005 have we delivered floatingtanks to 21 countries:

Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, Czeck Republic, Denmark, England U.K., Estonia, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.

  • The floatation tank must be robust and well built.

  • To use standard articles that is tough.

  • The floating tank must be easy to operate for everybody.

  • Easy to install. Now 1.5-2.0 hours set up time. That's fast!

  • Preheated ventilation.

  • The entrance must be easy to enter that there is no problem even if you suffer from pain. (design protected in EU and other countries)

  • Electric connections using max 10 Amp /230V. One phase.

  • Continuously thermostat regulated heating.

  • Easy to keep clean for the owner

  • Easy to make service by the owner without service personal must be called upon.

  • Spare parts is in stock for fast delivery if anything stops working.

  • To produce many tanks and therefore get lower production price.

  • Pricelevel must be among the best upon the European market.

  • To maintain updated information and to inform about floatation to people.

Manager Stefan Gerleman at our own float centre www.wellrest.se
During installation in a very narrow doorway