Reliable Swedish technic

Restingwell Sweden.

The best ergonomic design for a flotation tank.

Easy to install by yourself, 1.5-2 hours
Easy to maintain
Easy to use for your client
Probably one of the best prices in Europe

We have delivered floating tanks to 20 countries since 2005
In October will France also join in as country 21 and Romania will be country 22. Great news.
Biggest manufacturer in Scandinavia for Floating tanks
Rarely needed, but we have spare parts in stock.

A floatation tank can make a spare room at your place to an extra money maker, while you helping people to get better.

If you are looking for a floating tank for private / personal use. We have an idea that can maybe be of interest to you. Can you work with an outside measurement of 1.38m x 2.28m ? Contact me at stefan@restingwell.com